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A Message from the CEO

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do – Steve Jobs.

I love this quote!

I know I could use some corporate-speak here about how Cobalt Safety is one of the fastest-growing safety consulting companies in Ontario. About the full scope of professional health and safety services and training courses we offer. I could even drop a few names of the very prestigious companies we work for. Some are household names, the best companies in Ontario, Canada, and even Globally recognized brands. But to tell the truth, every company we work for is important to us when it comes to health and safety.

But I thought I would take a moment to speak with you.

Over my 32 years of working in the construction industry, I have lost a few good friends to workplace accidents; you might even share the same experiences yourself. Workplace accidents touch many of us in many personal ways. For me, it struck home when my father was involved in a crane electrical accident where a worker was injured. I saw first hand that any workplace accident could affect everyone involved, not just the injured worker. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even call them worker injuries anymore; they are family injuries or family tragedies. Lives can change and do change, in just a second.



I decided to give up my construction business over 10 years ago and joined the Ministry of Labour to try to give back and make a difference, however, eventually I resigned from the Ministry of Labour so we can make a real difference for you. During my time as a Ministry Inspector, I experienced good employers and companies in bad situations with no real due diligence or even a fighting chance when it came to proving they were doing the things they needed to do. I knew they were doing them and trying, but when an accident occurred, it became about lawyers, courts and proof. The regulatory and legal disadvantage always went to the company. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not just about protecting companies. Workers and companies need better training, real information, and the Government wasn’t providing it. They are slow to change, and just showing up when it goes wrong and asking why you failed to not know one of the hundreds of laws wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to see the system improve faster; I wanted to see change, and those changes are hard to make on the inside.

Do you know there is information no one is telling you when it comes to the real game of health and safety?

They are not telling you what you really need to know to protect your company and yourself
They say “due diligence” is your only defence, but do they ever tell you “How” to do it?There are lots of prevention systems and programs with fancy names and titles; however, prevention does not equal compliance in the legal world.
Trust me when I say this prevention is important! However, “due diligence” and compliance is the real game the Government is playing.

Jason Gordon, who is also a former Ministry Inspector and who’s passion for safety equalled my own, joined us out in the Ottawa area and leads the Cobalt Safety East team.

Both Jason and I were Ministry of Labour Inspectorate Peer trainers.

Together we spend many hours training our staff in high-level safety knowledge, and we are always a phone call away for them and for you.

We will take the time to explain what you need, why you need it, and how to keep every worker, yourself, and your company protected! We take the coaches, not cops approach. Still, sometimes there is a line that needs to be held, and we also do that well.

Contact us for a free 45 minutes consultation with. Even if you don’t hire us, I know it will be well worth yours and our time spent together for that inside perspective. Ask us your questions. We are always happy to discuss safety with anyone, anytime.

As our clients say, “we sleep better at night knowing Cobalt Safety is on-site!” You should experience the same confidence in your safety program,… just Call Cobalt!

Maybe, just maybe we can change the world. I look forward to changing it with you…