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An ISO 45001 Certified Company

Making Safety Simple

With Cobalt Safety on your team, you’ll have access to some of the best safety professionals in Ontario. We’ll help you navigate the rules, regulations and the ever-changing environment of health and safety. We’ll make it easy for you to understand, easy to implement and support you all along the way. As your health and safety partner we are there for you and your employees, letting you concentrate on the important part of building your business. Give us a call @


What we can do for you

  • Provide professional on-site safety management support.
  • Assist with your Health and Safety Program Development, ISO45001 and COR.
  • Provide compliance inspections and audits.
  • Provide health and safety training.
  • Assist with questions concerns or problems that may arise involving Health and Safety or the Ministry of Labour.
  • Provide you peace of mind, by knowing you are in compliance and your employees are safe.

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Safety Management Professionals

Cobalt Safety Safety Management Professionals that operate smoothly with your team.The complex world of subcontractor management, regulatory compliance and project safety management can be a lot for organizations to handle and keep up with but with a Cobalt Safety Management Professional we can provide cost-effective management personnel, systems and safety strategies to fit any company.

Workplace Compliance Inspections

The best trained Safety Professionals you can count on. Do you have subcontractors? Do you know all of the requirements under the OHSA that are your responsibility? Do you have time to monitor the safety performance on your worksite? Our Workplace Compliance Inspections are just what you need that extra reassurance that your workplace is meeting its OH&S obligations and we assist in identifying room for improvement.

Health and Safety Policy Program Development

Is your current program…Too complicated to implement? Not reflective of your business? Sitting on a shelf gathering dust? We build national and local health and safety programs tailored to your company needs and based on the principal of Due Diligence. We are an ISO45001 Certified company and can assist you in certifications for ISO and COR.

Safety Training & Education

Cobalt Safety is known for its great safety training courses! Engaging, provocative and fun are some of the words used to describe our trainers! Our courses are designed to be an investment in the well being of your employees and company! SEE OUR TRAINING COURSES

Professional Workplace Accident Investigations & Reporting

Do not leave this up to those who have never done professional workplace accident investigations before. It’s not a training ground. Serious accidents can have serious consequences from large monetary fines to prison terms. Cobalt Safety has Professional Accident Invetigators and have conducted over 350 Fatality and Critical Accident Investigations.

Ministry of Labour Compliance Orders Assistance

With 2 former Ministry of Labour inspectors on staff with a combined 27 years of investigative experience and countless hours on site, Cobalt Safety has the immediate resources to deal with any situation that the Ministry of Labour can impose on you.