Imagine if you will, a serious workplace accident has occurred, it should never have happened.

The Police are on scene, the Ministry of Labour Inspectors are on their way and you are asking yourself what happens next?

Am I going to be charged? Do we have the things we need?  Are they going to be okay? Can we defend ourselves?   What do we do now?

Supervisor Due Diligence Course Description (Gold Sealed)

Developed in 2013 by Cobalt safety this course is one of the most in-demand courses for supervisors in Canada. Do you know that the definition of the supervisor is very broad in its application and many workers may be classified as supervisors under Occupational Health and Safety Acts including;

Owners of companies, Directors and Vp’s, Project Managers, Supervisors, Lead Hands and Forman.

Here’s what just a few people are saying out of the 1000’s of positive feedbacks we have received;

“Loved the course as there was a lot of useful info and tips on how to improve the culture”.
J.D Coca Cola Canada

“I really enjoyed this course. With the position that I’m in I realize that there is more to be done on my end going forward. I would highly recommend to any supervisor to take this course”.
10/10 – D.W. Fire Chief

“Excellent course and teacher. Very informative, well laid out, never boring”.
(thanks in large part to the teacher)
R.C. Supervisor

“This course brought to light lots of information. It was professionally explained, and very engaging. The presenter has vast amounts of safety knowledge and experience. Great stories and real examples. Even after all these years in the industry I now see safety in a completely different light. On behalf of myself and my company that was amazing!”

“Good information best flow in training courses I have ever attended. Workplace Supervisor notebook was an excellent tool that was provided as it fills what I consider
to be my biggest gap”. 9/10
T.W. Industrial Supervisor

“This course was excellent. It would be a 10. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and helped immensely with the questions that we had. I would attend this again in a second. By far my most informative course taken to date.” – Town of Tecumseh

“This course shifted my entire perspective regarding my job as a supervisor”

G.D. Plant Manager

What is covered

  • Worker Rights and Reprisal laws
  • Roles of the Ministry of Labour and partner organizations
  • OHSA fines and penalties including the criminal code
  • Supervisor legal note-taking
  • Hazard identification and control methods
  • Progressive discipline, union environments, and subcontractor management
  • Power of the Ministry of Labour and tips on dealing with them successfully.
  • The Real Costs of Safety
  • Actual WSIB Incident and Accident statistics
  • The Internal Responsibility System and How and Inspector sees your workplace
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Supervisor Due Diligence what is it and how to achieve it

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