Workplace accident and Incident investigation can serve many purposes from prevention to litigation defense.

Many courses teach basic methods however at Cobalt Safety we have preformed over 575 critical or fatality events in both Provincial Prosecutions and Client defense investigations many courses are missing the mark when it comes to workplace investigations.

Basic workplace investigation can be taught by many people but the fine art of interviewing people, the PEACE method of investigation and what evidence to obtain for due diligence, what questions to ask and how to determine direct causes, contributing causes and root causes of incidents takes some training.

This course is a full day course and trains the following information;

  • Hazard and Risk Identification
  • The Internal Responsibility System as it relates to investigations
  • What is Due Diligence and how does it relate to investigation
  • What is an incident
  • PEACE method
  • Regulatory Incident Reporting Requirements
  • Facts vs Opinions
  • Interviewing people
  • Analyzing and Evaluating the Information
  • Writing the report
  • Creating SMART action plans.

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