Recently Cobalt Safety has brought forward the need for harmonization of Canadian safety regulations as a topic of conversation. Many people have reached out to us and after our Ann Rohmer interview, our article was picked up by Yahoo Finance Global and 22 other news agencies, such as Candian Insider, The Canadian Business Journal and as far away as in Germany.

This is an important topic to both workers and employers in Canada and it’s time for Governments and Industry leaders to start looking at methods to harmonize our safety legislation. There is a great financial burden placed on companies that have to work across Canada and amend the policies for each province. Workers trained in one province have to retrain in a different province on the exact same hazard for example Fall Protection. A simple change across all legislation could open up our country, save companies millions of dollars, and make worker skills transferable between provinces.

It’s a simple concept yet a large undertaking. However, if not now when?



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