Supervisor Due Diligence

Supervisor Due Diligence

When it comes to Supervisor training Cobalt Safety’s Supervisor Due Diligence course is renowned for shifting the paradigm of supervisors regarding their roles in the Internal Responsibility System and Health and safety.

Cobalt’s Supervisor Due Diligence course was created and is trained by Ontario Former Ministry of Labour Inspector and our CEO Kevin Brown. It is not just a course but an opportunity to hear from and learn from the experiences of an OHS Inspector and major accident investigator.

This course not only covers here’s what you have to do as a supervisor, but what are the actual expectations of the position, what is really taking place during an inspection or an investigation and most importantly HOW to achieve “Due Diligence” at their level.

Everyone from EllisDon to GFL,  Loblaws to Region of Waterloo and others send their Supervisors for training with Cobalt Safety.

There is so much useful information in this 8-hour course that it’s not just for supervisors, but anyone in an executive, ownership, project managers or health and safety professional. Any workplace sector will benefit from this course.

“The best money you will ever invest in yourself or your team.”  L.Simons Owner

This course is a Canadian Construction Association Gold Seal Accredited and endorsed by the World safety Organization of Canada.

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