Health and Safety Policy Program Development

Health and Safety Policy Program Development

“The biggest challenge to creating a health and safety program is knowing what you are trying to achieve at the end of the program, before you even begin.”

Our CEO Kevin Brown has always taught that a health and safety program has two purposes within an organization “it should protect the health and safety of the workers, and provide due diligence for the company in the event of an incident or any health and safety litigation issue.”

There are many different methods of establishing a health and safety program. Your program needs to reflect your business and your operations, provide information and instruction, provide your company with a position of due diligence and be written in a manner that can be easily implemented and easily understood.

At Cobalt Safety we are experts in the business of writing, establishing and implementing health and safety programs that not only reflect your business but can be implemented with your workers.

Cobalt Safety have helped many companies achieve the International Standards Organizations ISO45001 designation for health and safety. Designed for companies of ALL sizes and sectors, ISO45001 is internationally recognized by 70 countries around the world, in Canada it is accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development and  is the health and safety management system we recommend to our clients.

At Cobalt Safety we are also an ISO45001 Certified Company, because safety is important in every company even our own.

We can also assist with COR programs at the local jurisdictional levels in Canadian Provinces.

Give us a call we can assist with your health and safety program  needs!



  • Perform a comprehensive review of your current Policy and Program
  • Explain the observations and recommend improvements and required changes to meet your needs.
  • Explain the requirements of government regulations, ISO45001 or COR
  • Guide you to the implementation of your Policy and Program
  • Assist with ISO45001 implementation and certification.