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Cobalt Safety is always about helping you and your employees stay safe and productive.

COVID 19 Rapid Antigen Testing Ontario Goverment Approved Provider

Cobalt Safety recommends Professional Point-of-care COVID 19 (Self Swabbing) Testing. The self swabbing Rapid Test is performed by the individual themselves and in our experience, it is less invasive, and more readily accepted in the workplace by your worker. The self-control to administer the test is an important part of the overall acceptance of Rapid Testing in your workplace.

As professional service providers, we provide competent workers who go through our Rapid Testing training certification to ensure you have the best people for the job. We make it easy for you by taking care of all the preparation, monitoring and administration and reporting required by the Ontario Government.

  • We assist in preparing the room using a site readiness checklist
  • We complete the administration portion for data entry on the Provincial Reporting Spreadsheet
  • We provide coaching to all employees, staff and others on the Self Swabbing COVID 19 program before testing.
  • We observe all workers and ensure the self swabbing testing is accurate and in compliance with the required procedures.
  • Collectively our team will collect the swabbed samples and complete the chain of custody collection and testing process.
  • Total testing time is approximately 22 min per person including most test results within 15 min your business can resume with the least amount of disruption.



COVID 19 Policy and Program

We can assist in creating your Employer COVID 19 and Pandemic Response Policy and Program. If COVID 19 has taught us anything that it’s having a proper pandemic response plan in place.

From workers working at home, to supply chain disruptions to additional measures and procedures required a proper Pandemic response program can be the document that keeps your business viable

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