Supervisor Due Diligence

Supervisor Due Diligence

Imagine if you will, a serious workplace accident has occurred, it should never have happened.

The Police are on scene, the Ministry of Labour Inspectors are on their way and you are asking yourself what happens next?

Am I going to be charged? Do we have the things we need?  Are they going to be okay? Can we defend ourselves?   What do we do now?


  • The Real Costs of Safety
  • Actual WSIB Incident and Accident statistics
  • The Internal Responsibility System and How and Inspector sees your workplace
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Supervisor Due Diligence what is it and how to achieve it
  • Worker Rights and Reprisal laws
  • Roles of the Ministry of Labour and partner organizations
  • OHSA fines and penalties including the criminal code
  • Supervisor legal note-taking
  • Hazard identification and control methods
  • Progressive discipline, union environments, and subcontractor management
  • Power of the Ministry of Labour and tips on dealing with them successfully.